It supported by Grand Challenges Canada- Saving Brains, is an innovative initiative to improve multiple aspects of early childhood development that helps enhance the cognitive potential of preschool children in low-income and indigenous tribal groups in remote rural areas of Central India.

The project is implemented by  Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences (DMIMS)which is an esteemed educational University in Central India in collaboration with a chain of private preschools run by Meghe Group and other higher education institutes.


Positive Parenting Program

The Positive Parenting Program is a key component of Stepping Stones Project. This program aims at improving the parenting skills and capabilities in the domain of early childhood development.


Anganwadi Centre Program

It is one of the unique initiatives from Stepping Stones Project. We are deploying enhanced Anganwadi Curriculum prepared so as to fulfil all the necessary activities for child development and early literacy


Food Basket

Our aim through Stepping Stones Project is to provide nutritional supplements to pregnant and lactating mothers and children 6 months– 2 years of ageand the main goal is to ensure the availability of food in every household.


Home Visit

The approach of intervention is through Home Visit. Cadre of Balsakhi are trained and recruited to do home visits to the beneficiary.The ANC mother receives one home visit per month and PNC mother receives two home visits per month.


Success Stories

Promoting Involvement of Males in Childcare and Child Development Activities- A Stepping Stones Project Approach

For raising awareness through Positive Parenting programme of Stepping Stones Project, we have developed a set ofmodules and self-reflective assessment tools which particularly emphasize on participation of males in child care anddevelopment activities.

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In Stepping Stones Project we organize number of events. Which help us to understand the what effect our project is making on ground level. Thus we all knowes events are a useful way to collect data. Data that used to make improvement.

Events we organized:- Toy Making Workshop, Photo Dialogue Session, Demonstration Centre, participated in the event titled “SPOTLIGHT ON THE MANY VOICES OF THE EARLY CHILDHOOD WORKFORCE” and many more to come.