"Stepping Stones Towards Preschool Preparation of Rural Children." From January 2019, Stepping Stones Project has started a newer approach for getting younder kids ready & prepared for schools. The children aged 15 to 36 months enrolled in these rural center called "Khelwadi" which will be run by local trained & certified teachers. The emphasisis on promoting " Teaching through play" making use of locally available & cultarally relevent teaching learning tools.

             A special focused curriculum and pedagogy has been developed & being piloted through 5 khelwadi centers in Seloo & Hingana blocks. Each khelwadi has minimum 10 children aged 15 to 36 months & provided with toys & tools for playway methos of learning. The child is supposed to spend about 3 hours in the moring in this "Khelwdi" & a minimum maintenance fees of Rs 100/- per month is charged