Food Basket

             Our aim through Stepping Stones Project is to provide nutritional supplements to pregnant and lactating mothers and children 6 months – 2 years of age and the main goal is to ensure the availability of food in every household and make it sustainable with various strategies.We have several approaches to make food available in long run to the women of the community.

1. First is the step to set up some demonstration unit and educational and nutritional training programs for mothers.

2. Kitchen gardens at village level.

3. Involvement of the women from the community and empowering them to prepare or produce some food which will be used and consumed by the women of the same village.

The process involves:

1. Identifying the food patterns and practices of the community during pregnancy and lactation.

2. Development of recipes book with help of community and considering scientific knowledge of food and nutrition from experts.

3. Recruitment of Local Women Groups (LWG). These groups will be centre for preparing and demonstrating recipes. The groups will have bidirectional learning and training from nutritional experts and training for marketing. 5 villages have demonstration centre where they will prepare food for food basket and also conduct demonstration for the mothers.

4. The Food Supplements will be advertised and marketed in the cities, where the urban women can purchase them. The food basket will benefit with home-made food products for pregnancy, lactation and for their infants and toddlers.The food basket will be able to provide 1/3rd of the Calorie and ½ of protein requirement to the mother and children.The nutritional supplementation program will be carried out simultaneously with Positive Parenting Program. We also intent to increase attendance of parents in parenting session by giving Vouchers to the mothers who attend the session and will get benefit on food basket.