Stepping Stones Project Team participated in the event titled “SPOTLIGHT ON THE MANY VOICES OF THE EARLY CHILDHOOD WORKFORCE” held at Casuarina Hall, New Delhi on 11th December 2018.

The side event focused on placing a spotlight on the Early Childhood Development (ECD) workforce, and as part of the event,Stepping Stones Team participated in session on Storytelling with a Workforce Member.

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Toy Making

Objective of Toy Making workshop is to assist all the team members to have skills on making low cost home made toys for children under two years of age. To provide training to Balsakhi and mothers to develop the creative skill of easily home made toys for their children.To stimulate growth and development of the child.

Toys that we will make are: Ball made up of cotton,Soft toy of a baby,Cubes,Home made danglers,Cards for sensory development,Baby’s corner for growth and development.


Photo Dialogue Session

Photo Dialogue Session blends a grassroots approach to photography and social action. It provides cameras not to health specialists, policy makers, or professionals, but to people with least access to those who make decisions affecting their lives.

Photo Dialogue Session has three goals. It enables people to record and reflect their community's strengths and problems. It promotes dialogue about important issues through group discussion and photographs. Finally, it engages policymakers.Photo Dialogue Session enables us to gain "the possibility of perceiving the world from the viewpoint of the people who lead lives that are different from those traditionally in control of the means for imaging the world." As such, this approach to participatory appraisal values the knowledge put forth by people as a vital source of expertise.

Demonstration Centre

Purpose of Demonstration Centers are help mother to prepare locally available nutritious dishes. Help mother to know the nutritive value of food. Help mothers to understand the importance of food during pregnancy and after child birth.

2 Demonstration Centers set up in villages at PHC level. In which Balsakhi provide new nutritios dishes recipies which made by localy or in food basket avilable vegitables