Positive Parenting Program

             The Positive Parenting Program is a key component of Stepping Stones Project. This program aims at improving the parenting skills and capabilities in the domain of early childhood development. It is caregiver centred program for optimal growth and development of their children. Parents are trained for stimulation of their child scientifically and enlighten parent’s consciousness about the positive activities they are doing in day to day life. The program is deployed through home visits. The main purpose of the program is to assist parents for timely stimulation. The program is mainly for children up to two years of life and it is also extended to age group of 3 years in TTS.We did a formative research to understand the basic parental competencies and with the help of Child Status Index we developed six parental competencies:

1. Food and Nutrition- This comprises of availability of food, Food diversity and food security. Parents have a key role in providing proper nutrition especially in early years of life.

2. Shelter and Care- This competency mean that parent should provide child with simulative play environment where child can explore and also provision of holistic care. The Shelter need not be big and posh, a small clean hut with proper ventilation, light and home-made toys can be considered as a good shelter for the child.

3. Protection and Discipline- This comprises of providing a protective and health environment to the child, protection from hazardous objects which can cause accidents and injuries, protection from neglect and abuse. Practice of Positive Discipline where the child is disciplined for his behaviors through positive techniques of discipline.

4. Health- Provision of good health care. Approaching proper health care services in the times of need and prevention and promotion of health.

5. Psychosocial-Understanding the child’s emotional and social behavior and model in the way that the child can imitate parents accordingly. Helping the child to reduce fear of strangers, and helping them to become socially acceptable and socially healthy individual.

6. Education and Skill- Mainly through Play and stimulation. The children learn in early years mainly through play and exploring the world. This competency helps child to develop skills according to their age.